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Philippine artists Jose Vistan
Philippine artists Jose Vistana
20 JPG | Up to (3500x2575) | 8.78 Mb


Rommel Banlaoi, "Philippine Security in the Age of Terror: National, Regional, and Global Challenges in the Post-9/11 World"
English | ISBN: 143981550X | 2009 | 376 pages | PDF | 3 MB


Mark DeWayne - Making Your Film for Less Outside the U. S.
Allworth Press | 2002 | ISBN: 1581152159 | Pages: 272 | PDF | 2 MB

Phlearn - PRO Film Noir
phlearn: PRO Film Noir
phlearn: PRO Film Noir

A Companion to Literature and Film
Wiley-Blackwell | 2004 | ISBN: 063123053X | Pages: 480 | PDF | 2.14 MB

Pixel Film Studios - PRODROP - Vol.1 for FCPX | 54MB
Professional Text Backdrops for FCPX
Film Noir 1.1.1 | Mac Os X | 14.3 MB
When photography was first introduced, the photographers had to shoot black and white photos, simply because technology didn't allow them to do color photography yet. Then, as color photography was invented in the 30's, black and white photography became a form of art, with a large following. Film Noir photography is a style of photography with accents to the dark and dramatic early film style. The French word "Noir" means "Black" or "Dark".

American Drama in the Age of Film
University Alabama Press | 2007 | ISBN: 0817315713 | Pages: 296 | PDF | 1.04 MB


Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video by Gael Chandler
English | 2006 | ISBN: 094118899X | 374 pages | MOBI | 5 MB

Preview Philippines - July 2013
English | Pages 202 | PDF | 46.7 Mb

Preview is the style bible and the authority on the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. While it takes its cue from the fashion world's most celebrated designers and personalities, Preview also champions Philippine talent, being the creative pool where photographers, designers, and stylists can unleash their creativity. This results in Preview's breathtaking and unparalleled editorials and pages.
Professional Presentation Elements for FCPX
112db Big Blue Limiter v1.1.1
112db Big Blue Limiter v1.1.1 - R2R | 7.44 MB
Big Blue Limiter is a character limiter. It is neither transparent nor intended to be. In fact it adds a little mojo to everything you run through it, if desired even when no limiting is taking place.
Fearless Photographer: Film in the Digital Era
English | ISBN: 143546091X, 1435460928 | 2012 | PDF | 224 pages | 18 MB

Shooting film is not for the faint of heart--or at least that's what many photographers who have grown up shooting digital think. But maybe you're ready to set aside your trepidation and take the leap into the mysterious world of film. If so, let Fearless Photographer: Film in the Digital Era be your guide

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