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Dependency Injection with AngularJS
Alex Knol, "Dependency Injectimg]h AngularJS"
Enimg]h | 2014 | ISBN: 1782166564 | 78 pages | PDF | 3,6 MB


George W. Roberts, "Chemical Reactions and Chemical Reactors"
English | ISBN: 0471742201 | 2008 | 480 pages | PDF | 31 MB

George W. Roberts, "Chemical Reactions and Chemical Reactors"
English | ISBN: 0471742201 | 2008 | 480 pages | PDF | 31 MB


Chemical Engineering III by Jiatao Zhang
2013 | ISBN: 1138001295 | English | 276 pages | PDF | 55 MB

Fundamentals of Sustainable Chemical Science By Stanley E. Manahan
2009 | 392 Pages | ISBN: 1439802394 | PDF | 11 MB
Chemical Principles, Fifth Edition by Peter Atkins, Loretta Jones
English | 2009 | ISBN: 1429219556 | 1024 pages | PDF | 170 MB

Written for calculus-inclusive general chemistry courses, Chemical Principles helps students develop chemical insight by showing the connections between fundamental chemical ideas and their applications.


Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, 6 Edition
J.M Smith,
English | 2000 | ISBN: 0072402962 | 816 pages | PDF | 93,1 MB

Fundamentals of Sustainable Chemical Science By Stanley E. Manahan
2009 | 392 Pages | ISBN: 1439802394 | PDF | 11 MB

Milo D. Koretsky, "Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics, 2 edition

English | ISBN: 0470259612 | 2013 | PDF | 690 pages | 15 MB


Chemical Compounds (3 Vol. Set)
Neil Schlager, Jayne Weisblatt, David E. Newton,
English | 2006 | ISBN: 1414404670 | 981 pages | PDF | 36,3 MB
Introduction to Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
2012 | 504 Pages | ISBN: 0815342144 | PDF | 118 MB

Introduction to Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology is the first textbook to blend modern tools of organic chemistry with concepts of biology, physiology, and medicine. With a focus on human cell biology and a problems-driven approach, the text explains the combinatorial architecture of biooligomers (genes, DNA, RNA, proteins, glycans, lipids, and terpenes) as the molecular engine for life. Accentuated by rich illustrations and
http://i66.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0810/97/88bbddbda5894894ed8f480bb0682597.jpg Hiroki Nakamura, Gennady Mil'nikov, "Quantum Mechanical Tunneling in Chemical Physics"
English | ISBN: 1466507314 | 2013 | 226 pages | PDF | 3 MB


Chemistry and Physics of Complex Materials: Concepts and Applications by Maria Rajkiewicz, Wiktor Tyszkiewicz and Zbigniew Wertejuk
English | 2013 | ISBN: 1926895606 | 514 pages | PDF | 27,4 MB

This book offers a comprehensive presentation of the concepts, properties, and applications of complex materials. Authors of each chapter use a fundamental approach to define the structure and properties of a wide range of solids on the basis of the local chemical bonding and atomic order present in the material.

Released: 27/08/2013 | Author: John Sonmez | Size: 506 MB
Genre(s): E-Learning

At first, Inversion of Control (IoC) is a difficult concept to understand. Even after understanding what IoC is, a developer must learn to apply the concepts of IoC and IoC containers to a real application in order to use it effectively. In this course, John will show you how to use the Unity IoC container in an ASP.NET MVC 4 application to use dependency injection on controllers, filters, views and more. You'll start off by learning the basics of IoC containers, how they work and why they are important. As well as, learning about how internally ASP.NET MVC 4 creates controllers and views. In order to understand practically how dependency injection works (the core function of IoC containers)John will walk you through manually doing dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC 4 using your own custom controller factory. After you have done things manually, you'll see how to add the Microsoft Unity IoC container to your MVC 4 application to do dependency injection automatically. Essentially you'll see how it is able to give us more flexibility and reduce the custom code we need to write. John then takes things even further by exploring some advanced dependency injection techniques using Unity to inject views and filters. He'll also cover some of the advanced features of the Unity IoC container. Finally, you'll take a tour through some other popular .NET IoC containers and see how to get them working in our ASP.NET MVC 4 application. After taking this course you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to build real applications using Inversion of Control and dependency injection.
Milo D. Koretsky, "Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics, 2 edition
Filehost Mirrors: Rapidgator.net, Uploaded.net "

English | ISBN: 0470259612 | 2013 | PDF | 690 pages | 15 MB

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