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Controversies in Contemporary Islam by Oliver Leaman
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0415676126 , 0415676134 | 240 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

This book helps to deepen our understanding of the varieties of contemporary Islam and the issues that are of most concern to Muslims today. Oliver Leaman explores some of the controversies and debates that exist within Islam and between Islam and other religions.

Susan Crimp, "Why We Left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out"
ISBN: 0979267102 | 2008 | EPUB | 183 pages | 2 MB


Faith and Law: How Religious Traditions from Calvinism to Islam View American Law By Jr. Robert Cochran
Publisher: N.Y,,U Press 2008 | 312 Pages | ISBN: 0814716733 , 0814716725 | PDF | 1 MB

Dr. Zaki M. Abdalla, "Islam from a Contemporary Perspective"
English | ISBN 10: 9775867096 | 2001 | PDF | 238 pages | 6.2 MB

This book attempts at presenting the basic concepts of Islam, and its Divine capacity for endowing the individual as well as the community with a persepetive for universal freedom in tbis world and pervading bliss in the Hereafter.

Islam from a Contemporary Perspective
Dr. Zaki M. Abdalla,
English | ISBN 10: 9775867096 | 2001 | PDF | 238 pages | 6.2 MB


The Origins of Judaism: From Canaan to the Rise of Islam by Robert Goldenberg
English | August 13, 2007 | ISBN: 0521606284 | 313 pages | PDF | 3.38 MB

Raphael Israeli, "Hatred, Lies, and Violence in the World of Islam"
ISBN: 1412854008 | 2014 | PDF | 358 pages | 3 MB


Women of the Nation: Between Black Protest and Sunni Islam by Dawn-Marie Gibson and Jamillah Karim
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0814737862 , 0814769950 | 288 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB

With vocal public figures such as Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam often appears to be a male-centric religious movement, and over 60 years of scholarship have perpetuated that notion. Yet, women have been pivotal in the NOI's development, playing a major role in creating the public image that made it appealing and captivating.

Gender and Power in Indonesian Islam: Leaders, feminists, Sufis and pesantren selves by Bianca J. Smith and Mark Woodward
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0415643589 | 192 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

The traditional Islamic boarding schools known as pesantren are crucial centres of Muslim learning and culture within Indonesia, but their cultural significance has been underexplored. This book is the first to explore understandings of gender and Islam in pesantren and Sufi orders in Indonesia.

Spiritual Purification in Islam: The Life and Works of al-Muhasibi by Gavin Picken
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0415548225 | 264 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

Purification of the soul is a principle that is central to understanding Islamic spirituality but despite this, relatively little has been written explicitly in the Islamic tradition regarding this discrete method of spiritual purification. This book examines the work of a scholar of this discipline, al-Harith al-Muhasibi, who lived and worked during the classical Islamic period under the Abbasids.
Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam

Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam
English | 622 pages | ISBN-10: 1596985615 | PDF | 3.42 MB


As Through A Veil: Mystical Poetry in Islam
English | ISBN: 0231052464, 0231052472 | PDF | 380 Pages | 79 Mb

A history of mystical Islamic poetry, not only in Arabic and Persian, but also in the popular folk traditions of regional vernacular languages, including a chapter on Rumi and Sufi poetry.
Luce Irigaray, a director of research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, is the leading feminist philosopher in France. She is author of more than twenty books, including Speculum of the Other Woman, This Sex Which Is Not One, The Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche (Columbia), and The Forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger.
Mark Hitchcock, "Iran: The Coming Crisis: Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 159052764X | PDF | 224 pages | 9,3 MB

The events wracking the Middle East today are confusing to even the most avid news buff. Now all the answers to your questions are offered in just one resource. Divided into five main sections, Iran: The Coming Crisis contains the most up-to-date, thorough information available and is complete with maps, charts, and timelines for visual assistance.
Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet

Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet
English | 264 pages | ISBN-10: 1605094641 | PDF | 3.69 MB

American Arabesque: Arabs and Islam in the Nineteenth Century Imaginary

American Arabesque: Arabs and Islam in the Nineteenth Century Imaginary
English | 288 pages | ISBN-10: 0814745180 | PDF | 19.36 MB


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